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Have you opted for professional translation? Then you’re on the right track. But translators, like other professionals, have differing specialties. And sub-specialties! When you come to us, we analyze your particular needs and ensure that your text will be translated by the most suitable translator.

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Legal translation is one of the specialties that has sub-specialties. We have the right translator for a sharia ruling by a qadi, or for a verdict from an American courtroom, or a full range of other documents.

Security Camera

Terrorism and security

This intriguing category has been at the core of our business since GATS Translations was founded. Our clients include the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Ministry for Strategic Affairs, American and Israel law offices that specialize in anti-terror court cases, and security experts in the private sector.


Translation for marketing is a demanding art that requires an understanding of the targeted marketplace. For a product being marketed in a foreign country, the translator needs native-level mastery of that country’s language — down to the smallest nuances.

Doctor and Patient


Medical translation is one of the most complex specialties in the business. Whether the text is a consent form for clinical experiments, or a prescription for medications, any imperfect translation could bring severe consequences. Our medical translators are highly experienced, with a reputation as leaders of the field in Israel.


We provide translations for all levels of schooling, from elementary-school study plans to advanced university courses.

Education Books Bookshelfs
Financial Report


We translate financial reports prepared by accountants, press releases from institutions such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and more. Our financial translators command extensive experience in their specialty, with thorough knowledge of the professional jargon.

Other specialties 

Translations are required in every field you can think of. Whether the text is a guide to plant life, a home-sewing monthly, or a video for beginners in carpentry, we can find the most suitable translator for the niche.

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