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About Us

GATS Translations provides translations, transcriptions, and open-source research in a variety of languages with an emphasis on precision, efficiency, availability, and customer satisfaction. Our clients include corporations, organizations, and institutions worldwide. Because of the close relations we form with our clients, we can provide services at the highest level of quality, promptness, and adherence to each client’s requirements and preferences.

We cherry-pick the best talent for our team. We test their ability to provide both professional quality and professional service; and only those who meet our exacting standards remain with us.


Founder and CEO, Yaniv Berman

In 2013, backed by twenty years of practical experience in translating, Yaniv launched GATS Translations. Over the years, Yaniv has held salaried jobs that required extensive knowledge of English, Arabic and Hebrew. At first, he served as a Middle Eastern affairs correspondent for an American news agency, and later he worked as an analyst at an institute for the study of terrorism. Since 2013, Yaniv has concentrated mostly on running the company; but from time to time he still undertakes a translation personally.

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